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This editorial book includes theoretical and current articles in the field of public administration and public finance. As stated above, joint articles on public administration, public finance and its management will increase the efficiency, productivity and quality levels of public administrations in both administrative and economic terms.



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Public Affairs, Public Policy and Public Administration


This book consists of the following 16 chapters:

Chapter 1: The Public Value Approach as One of The Governance Paradigms in Public Administration

Chapter 2: H. George Frederickson and His Perspective on Public Administration

Chapter 3: Endless Problems and Impracticable Solutions in Turkish Public Administration

Chapter 4: What is The Relationship And Link Between Public Administration and International Relations: A Review of Public Policies

Chapter 5: Coordination As A Respond To Wicked Problems And Transboundary Crises

Chapter 6: The Experience Strategic Plan in Local Government in Turkey

Chapter 7: Digital Transformation in Local Governments: Digital Municipalism

Chapter 8: Reflection of Digital Transformation on Cities: Smart Cities

Chapter 9: CBRN Terrorism, Psychosocial Effects and Intervention Models in Terms of Disaster Management

Chapter 10: Ombudsman in Turkish Republic: The Ombudsman Institution

Chapter 11: The Applicability of The Local Ombudsman in Turkey

Chapter 12: An Evaluation on Crime and Crime Theories

Chapter 13: A Very Real Environmental Problem: Global Climate Change

Chapter 14: Restructuring of Public Financial Management in Turkey in The Post-1980 Period

Chapter 15: Struggling With Covid-19 Outbreak in The Framework of Global Public Goods

Chapter 16: The Analysis of Relationship Between The Quality of Public Administration and Economic Growth: A Research on The Low Income Countries

Public Administration and Public Finance Research