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This book is a study based on the developments mentioned above. Recent developments in many areas such as organizational performance, human resource management, organizational behavior, organizational communication, innovation and competition are discussed.



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Occupational Health, Port Enterprises, Nepotism Perceptions, Family Businesses, Job Insecurity, Competition Strategies, Industry 4.0, Finance, economics, Multibusiness Firms, Transfer patments, Blue Economy, Green Economy Cycle, Insurance, Dependent Risks, Bitcoin, Young Employees Subjective Career Success


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Business | Business Administration, Management, and Operations | Business Analytics | Economics | Finance | Industrial Organization | Insurance


This book consists of the following 14 chapters:

Chapter 1: Relationship between Occupational Health and Safety Practices, Job Performance and Organizational Trust in Port Enterprises: Case of Kocaeli Ports

Chapter 2: Nepotism Perceptions of the Employees that Work in Family Businesses: A Research in Bursa

Chapter 3: The Effect of Role Conflict on Qualitative Job Insecurity: the Mediator Role of Self Control

Chapter 4: Competition Strategies in the Telecommunication Sector in Northern Iraq

Chapter 5: Industry 4.0 and Production Planning: a Systematic Review

Chapter 6: The Relationship between Foreign Direct investment and Economic Growth in the Middle East and North Africa

Chapter 7: Financial Development and Economic Growth

Chapter 8: Efficiency of Resource Allocation in Multibusiness Firms: Theory and Evidence

Chapter 9: The Impacts of Transfer Payments on Economic Growth: Empirical Evidence From Turkey

Chapter 10: The Blue Economy in the Growth, Development, Green Economy Cycle: the Waste Issue

Chapter 11: The Importance of Risk Aversion Measure for Insurance Companies Under Dependent Risks: Risk Premium Calculations With A Simulation Study

Chapter 12: Volatility Spillovers between Bitcoin and other Assets in Turkey

Chapter 13: Statistical Analysis of Organizational Socialization in Young Employees According to Demographic Characteristics

Chapter 14: How do Networks and Their Political Antecedents Affect Subjective Career Success?

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