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Landscape, History of Environmental, Urban Design, architecture, Protected Environments


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Architectural Engineering | Architectural History and Criticism | Architectural Technology | Environmental Design | Historic Preservation and Conservation | Landscape Architecture


This book contains the following chapters:

CHAPTER I: Re-Thinking Sustainability: Urban Landscape Scenarios for Earthquake Resilience

CHAPTER II: Urban Perception in the Fiction Cities of the Movie Screen

CHAPTER III: Analysis of Visual Landscape and Aesthetical Quality Through Visual Landscape Analysis: The Case Study of İğneada

CHAPTER IV: Urban Landscape Design for Quality of Urban Life

CHAPTER V: Sponge City Within the Scope of Urban Water Management

CHAPTER VI: Design Principles and Spatial Analysis of Italian Renaissance Gardens; Case of Rome

CHAPTER VII: Smellscapes: Imagining and Remembering City

CHAPTER VIII: Methods Used in Monitoring Water Stress in Ornamental Plants

CHAPTER IX: Planning Processes for the Investigation of Visitor Impact Management Model At National Parks (Arizona-U.S.A.)

CHAPTER X: Complexity Theory in the Context of Urban Planning

CHAPTER XI: Green Infrastructure Strategies

CHAPTER XII: Evaluation of Visual Landscape Quality in Integrated Basin Planning: Yanbolu-Santa Basin (Trabzon-Gümüşhane/Turkey) Example

CHAPTER XIII: Importance of Wetlands for Ecosystems in the Context of Draught

CHAPTER XIV: The Evaluation of Cultural Routes in the Frame of Landscape Architecture; the Case of Marmara Sultans Route

CHAPTER XV: A Model Proposal to Read the Memory Strata Written on the Landscapes

CHAPTER XVI: Shifts – Disconnections – Borders: Changing Factors Between Landscape and Culture During Transformation Process of Beykoz, İstanbul

CHAPTER XVII: Evaluation of Design Approach in Terms of Landscape Architecture in Accordance With Nature

CHAPTER XVIII Landscape Design Process in Face-to-Face and Distance Education

CHAPTER XIX: Human Intervention on Nature: History of Environmental Transformation in Turkey From 1900s to 2000s

CHAPTER XX Studying Educational Function of Protected Environments in Pre-/Primary Education Institutions – Trabzon

CHAPTER XXI: Street Open Spaces as Behavior Setting

CHAPTER XXII: Effects of Covid-19 Pandemic on Preferences of Urban Open Green Space Users

CHAPTER XXIII: Importance of Permaculture Today

CHAPTER XXIV: The Importance of Pedestrianization in Urban Design: Cark Street Sample (Sakarya, Turkey) CHAPTER XXV: Post-Industrial Landscape in Urban Spaces

CHAPTER XXVI: A Different Approach Pollinator Garden

CHAPTER XXVII: The ‘Method’ Approach for Academic Studies in the Landscape Architecture Discipline

CHAPTER XXVIII: Examination of Pedestrian Spaces in Urban Main Arteries in Terms of Accessibility and Visual Quality; Atatürk Avenue (Rize) Circulation

CHAPTER XXIX: Squares in Historical Process and Urban Identity

CHAPTER XXX: Some Lessons to Be Taken From a Beautiful, Aesthetic, Livable, Green City Prag

CHAPTER XXXI: The Approaches of Urban Open Spaces During the Covid-19 Pandemic

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