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The editor of this book Murat DAL is a professor at Munzur University Faculty of Fine Art. His receach areas: Materials and Technology in Architecture, Building and Construction Technologies / Systems in Architecture, Protection, Restoration, Renovation in Building, Environment, Settlement and Products


This book consists of the following 10 chapters

Chapter 1: Implementation of systems approach in material selection in the building

Chapter 2: Evaluation of climate-compatible elements in rural architecture: case of Diyarbakır province Erimli neighborhood

Chapter 3: Questioning the use of travertine as a construction materials in historical buildings within the context of sustainable architecture: the case study of Evdir Han

Chapter 4: The analyzing of architectural ornaments on historical Antakya houses, pavilion design as an example of the re-ornamentation

Chapter 5: Concept of “Aesthetic Value” lost in the modern-day anthropocene era and lessons to be derived from vernacular Nubian architecture

Chapter 6: Assessment of textile architecture form a sustainability perspective

Chapter 7: Digital fabrication shift in architecture

Chapter 8: Integrating the algorithmic tectonics to the design process with CAD/CAM: challenges and opportunities

Chapter 9: Evaluation of VR application (CSVR) developed for interior architecture education with the sense of presence scale

Chapter 10: Energy efficiency in cross laminated timber (CLT) buildings

Chapter 11: Effect of green wall systems on building heating and cooling loads in sustainable design

Chapter 12: Facade damages that may cause / affect building cost items

Chapter 13: Spatial learning through landmarks



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material selection in the building, landmarks, building cost, heating, sustainable design, architecture education, cross laminated timber, algorithmic tectonics, digital fabrication, textile architecture, erimli neighborhood, vernacular nubian historical buildings, aesthetic value, evdir han, antakya houses


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