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The substance of the following pages was prepared origi-nally in the form of a consecutive series of papers, to be read before the Architectural Association of London during its subsequent sessions; and portions have already appeared in several of the professional journals at the time of their deliv-ery: they are now, however, for the first time presented to the public in the manner in which it was always designed that they should be united, and have been likewise most care-fully revised, while many parts have been entirely re-written. The interest attached to the subjects treated of in them has, I apprehend, in nowise become diminished in the interval that has elapsed since the papers were first delivered; nay, I venture to hope that the principles which are contended for therein have, since that time, gradually leavened both the profession and the public, urged powerfully, as they have been, by authors of whom the age may justly be proud, and whose talents Art may be thankful to have enlisted in her service, in the wake of whom I fear it seems presumption in me to launch so humble a bark ; but as it often happens that an echo is heard when the voice which gave it birth passed unnoticed, so perhaps some may be induced to listen even to my feeble remonstrance, whom prejudice has prevented from receiving the truth from another and a better quar-ter; or at least I hope that as successive blows drive home a wedge into heart of oak, so perchance my words, possess-ing but little power in themselves, may help to fix the truth deeper into the minds of men, and, like the chisel of the antiquary, hinder the rust of time from effacing the impres-sion that may have been already made therein.



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Progress in Art and Architecture, With Precedents for Ornament